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Welcome to the Have I Weather official website. Finally, one place that collects all our songs, all our videoclips, a link to our Shop and a collection of all our social media accounts.

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So, we are Have I Weather, we are a 2-man band recording everywhere and anytime. We make whatever comes up, we love that. Techno, raggea, german metal, samba, grunge, 80's synthpop, christmas, love ballads, eery tunes, dutch pop, we actually do not care. So take your pick, there's probably something for you in the music section below. We hope.

For Everyone What: We started recording in August 2021 and released our first album "For Everyone What" in August 2022. Recording locations: Texel, Overijssel, Brabant. Biggest hits: "Espresso Apparaat", which was even played on 3FM and performed live with Jamai. "The Storm", which somehow got streamed a lot in Helsinki, Finland. Still no clue why.

Zeepbel: We locked ourselves up for 5 days in a cabin in the woods in November 2023 and created these 5 songs! From a punkrock ballad, to berlin techno to 80's metal and a ballad, "Zeepbel", the album again covers all kinds of genres of music.
Release date: February 2024!

Live performances? That's a hard no. We never planned to perform live. One half of Have I Weather has performed live so many times, he just can't be bothered anymore. The other half loves performing live, but, well, you need two to perform these songs live. Perhaps even more. Still, we only perform our songs once a year at the illustrous "Down The Dike" festival. And yes, once at 3FM with Jamai. But that's it!

If you want to contact Have I Weather, please do! Our social pages are linked on this page, we have a WhatsApp community or e-mail us at


2024: "Zeepbel EP" all singles released!

In November, Have I Weather locked themselves up for 5 days somewhere in Holland. The resuling 5 tracks can be found here on this page!

Focusing on more guitar-oriented songs, we managed to fininsh 5 songs which are now mastered and ready for release!

From January 1st we will release a track of this EP each week, meaning the full EP will be available at the beginning of Februari 2024!

Please see video below for more teasy information with a short clip of each track!

November 1st: The Best Christmas (Santa's Blues Part 2) released

It's out now!
A much requested follow-up to our previous christmas single, "Santa's Blues (Part 1)". This time, we made a song that is just.... happy! Cheerful! Full of festive feelings! It took us some effort to get there, but we made it. The song will be released November 1st, let's hope its featured on the Christmas-a-go-go blog this year. And let's hope we, very much indeed, will have The Best Christmas of the year!

And look, the song was already picked up the Christmas a Go Go blog. Thanks for including us! Though we never heard of the bands Ne Pas de Machine and That Band from Holland you mention, we listened to them and liked them.


Album: Zeepbel (2024)

Lipstick In The Dark

Monday-morning, playing around with arpeggio's and synths, this dark berlin-techno track came up. Somehow...

Be Without You

Tuesday we created this punkrock love song, somehow. It should be called "Iris", but she hates that song. So here it is!

Bang Voor De Tandarts

Wednesday, we got a call from one of our girlfriends, she had a tooth-ache and had to go to the dentist. This complete song popped up so we had to record it!

Handkerchief (Me Please)

Wednesday night we were having a drink. And quite some! One of needed to sneeze so often and hard, we asked for a handkerchief (please). "Hold on", we said, and looked at each other in surprise, "now THAT is a good song!". Thursday we were inspired, a Status Quo riff came out of nowhere, 80's metal-like vocals and hard-hitting drums! WE LOVED IT! So we recorded it!


It was thursday afternoon, we had almost finished our 5 days, when Dennis came up with these lyrics after a short walk outside. The feeling of having to leave the bubble we were in, only creating music as much as we wanted, was making us a bit sad. So this melancholic song came up, about things ending that you don't want to end, about things drifting away from you and you cannot make it otherwise not really accept it. Some retro bass synth and drum parts added, reverbs playing along, the song needed nothing more.

Album: For Everyone What (2022)

The Storm

What song comes up when you have only an old xylophone from your youth and you feel melancholic? This one.

It's Your Call

Inspired by 80's synth pop songs, this is what we came up with. An up-tempo song with a positive atmosphere.

Espresso Apparaat

A song about a failing coffee machine, somehow added to a lot of children's playlists(???), our most streamed song so far.

Lay Me Down

We wanted to write a grunge-type song. And we were in a caravan in Texel, had the mike backwards, but kept it as it is.


"Ik doe het altijd liefje", he always said. Then this Dutch song came up, we added lots of ambient synths reflecting the mood of the singer in his head, an internal struggle that leads to a moody song.

Nothing But Sunshine

A positive raggea song. At least, we tried to, but somehow it sounds like we do not really mean it. Funny, that.


German rock, was the assignment. So we did and had a lot of fun making it.

Ekuwador (Radio Edit)

When someone travels to Equador and wants to have a drink, but meets geologists in his hotel.... What happens? This! A Dutch song about the adventures of an unnamed tourist.

Singles (2022-2023):

Ekuwador (Full Version)

We could not tell the full story in the Radio Edit, so here is the version with all verses included! A song about a Dutch tourist in Equador!

Dance In Benio

A dance song about a couple that just wants to revisit the old times when they danced in a squat called "Benio" in London. Can they dance again? Living up the style?

Dance In Benio (Club Remix)

D... d... d... d... Dance! Dance In Benio re-imagined as a club version. Because... well... we don't know either.

Santa's Blues (Part One)

Make a christmas song, they said. Well.. how would Santa feel these days? This is what we came up with. A full orchestra accompanies Santa as he reflects on the world. Sad santa? Let's hope in 2023 we will release Part Two to make it up to you.


You like bowling? We don't. We always get this.... GUTTERBALL! A strange song with strange tempo's and a hardstyle ending, if you want to call it that. This is one of our more experimental tunes.

Als Een Blok

A song reflecting on a long and loving relationship. A thankful song, with genuine lyrics. Not our first time.

The Best Christmas (Santa's Blues Part 2)

This christmas will be the best christmas because Have I Weather released "The Best Christmas". It's happy, you can sing a long, feel festive and enjoy!
No really, have the best christmas this year. With Have I Weather, why not?


Lipstick In The Dark The first track of our EP "Zeepbel" actually already has a videoclip! Dark berlin techno with weird lyrics. More video clips to come!

The Best Christmas (Santa's Blues Part 2) This is Have I Weather wishing you a the best christmas! A follow-up to "Santa's Blues (Part 1)", because that song was so sad, this song really shows Santa's in the mood again!

Espresso Apparaat - The Videoclip Recorded and edited in 2 hours somewhere in Brabant, our first videoclip of our first 'hit single'. Oh oh oh....

Altijd - The Videoclip Our song with a lot of feelings, expressed in just two sentences. Recorded at Texel because... we were there.

Bluffstein - The Videoclip A green bedsheet, one camera and some fire, that's how you get our Bluffstein clip! Just recorded in the livingroom after a long night of drinking.

Espresso Apparaat - Jamai joins Have I Weather One of Have I Weather actually sang our song together with Jamai at Het Glazen Huis in December 2022. Yep! He loved the song.

Gutterball - The Videoclip Actually, a fan made this videoclip for us! I guess she loves bowling! Thanks for all that work, you "i want to be anonymous" fan you!


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